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Naturally, no introductory packet can cover everything.  However, be assured that the day we receive and approve your signed Distributor Application/Agreement, we will forward to you a complete sales kit.  One full of all the details on who to sell and how to sell them.  Everything you need to immediately make your PACE time profitable.

 Q:    What is the cost of a PACE ROOF RENEWAL?
 A: This depends upon the type of roof surface.  However, most PACE ROOF RENEWALS cost less than 1/2 of the price of a new roof.  The thousands of dollars saved closes your SEAMLESS SPRAY orders!
 Q:   What makes PACE's products so special?
 A: WET-JET, SILVERLEAF, WHITE-STAR and PARK-KING are exclusive, ONE COAT formulations made with only the finest ingredients. They are backed by the excellent reputation of PACE a leader in the protective-coating field since 1958.
 Q:    How do you back your products?
 A: PACE has developed a credible, intelligent method for giving extended service even under the most difficult conditions.  We have a 10 Year Warranty Program you can sell with enthusiasm because it is honest, straightforward and is based upon common sense.
 Q:   How many PACERS are in my area?
 A: We do not start PACERS off with a protected territory.  Yet we watch very closely the number of Distributors we set up in any one area and are careful not to over concentrate distributors.  When your application is received, we review the area's potential before proceeding.  We want you to develop a substantial volume . . . which is why we protect you on repeat business from accounts you sell while you're an active, producing PACE Distributor.
 Q:   Who applies PACE's materials?
 A: The ease and speed of PACE'S ONE-COATERS and SEAMLESS SPRAY make it easy for customers to handle their own jobs, bypass contractors and save thousands of dollars on even small projects.  However, some PACE Distributors make the decision to provide application service for some of their customers.
 Q:   How many SEAMLESS SPRAY sized roofs are in my area?
 A: Most schools, churches, and retail stores have roofs large enough to take 550 gallons of material and qualify for FREE LOAN of our SEAMLESS SPRAY equipment.  On roofs taking less than 550 gallons, brush or roller applications work beautifully.  WET-JET, WHITE-STAR and SILVERLEAF Roof Coatings are ONE COATERS for a laborsaving application.
 Q:    What about references?
 A: Your sales kit will contain a PAGES OF SUCCESS MANUAL.  This is the best tool of its type in our industry.  It shows major corporations and institutions that have used PACE Products to save thousands of dollars in over 60 countries.  You'll be able to show job-site pictures, testimonials, and purchase orders with this power-packed selling tool.  Also, your PAGES OF SUCCESS MANUAL shows your customer that PACE with an over 55 year track record has the best of credentials being listed and rated with Dun & Bradstreet, members of the Better Business Bureau of greater Kansas City and Chamber of Commerce in Overland Park, Kansas. All this designed to help you close your orders on the first call.
 Q:   How much time do I need in order to make the big money?
 A: Put as little as ten hours a week into your PACE business, close just one small SEAMLESS SPRAY sale each month, and it will mean over $38,000 a year in part-time earnings!  It's these amazing earnings that prompt so many of our distributors to go full-time!
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